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You can now perform Wakeboard and Ski Nautico from the Puerto Marina of Garrucha.

We offer a 590 Astromar boat with 100hp engine with capacity of 4 people + pattern. Skis, vests, gloves.
Perhaps you have not skied we adapt to your level, we offer in Partylevante the comfort, efficiency, safety and fun.




Dare to sail the seas thanks to the propulsion of a motor boat, you will experience an exciting feeling.
Put your feet subjects with wakeboard table, similar to snowboarding As you drag a astromar 590 boat with an engine of 100hp which go caught with a rope, you can perform many stunts, filigrees and figures as you feel hungry and be able, something that at first sounds impossible but you go getting better with each new attempt.


It is certainly a very exciting and fun activity that you can share with friends and family tua.
In addition, you'll learn faster with our teachers, passing in a single session to defy gravity by staying firmly standing on the wakeboard.


Price per Person.- 75 €




Partylevante Nautica & Ocio
Puerto Deportivo Marina Garrucha
04630 Garrucha


Correo electrónico: info@partylevante.com

También puede llamarnos al teléfono: +34 680 942 141 o bien utilizar nuestro formulario de contacto.

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